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So, we all hate it when film directors just stop after one movie for a series. It just tares our hearts apart when they just end it. So why do they? Well, a big part of it is film production, film costs, and actor interviews. Its not cheap getting the film made, having the right movie director or producer, nor paying the actors. But even when taking all of it into account, some of the following series still could've been completed:

The "Golden Compass" series

The "Mortal Instruments" series

The "Vampire Academy" series

The "Narnia" series

The "Spiderwick" series

Along with many more book series left UNFINISHED !!!

The thing is that the "Golden Compass" movie wasn't that off about the events in the book. But after so many years since it was made, there would need to be whole new cast made it and the "Spiderwick" series. The reason as to why it didn't movie on to a movie series is not enough people went to see it when it came out which means not enough profits. The movie cost wasn't cheap so they just left it unfinished. But, they could still pick it up where they left off for each series. While I understand the costs for the movie productions, it doesn't justify them leaving a cliff hanger for a sequel at the end of it, then not making the next one. I know I hate it when someone starts to say something to then not finishing the statement. So, what I think we should do about it is post this to spread awareness of this to try to have them complete the series. Even if they can no longer do so they can at least respond to this and explain why.

Feel free to list any other book series turned into movies that don't intend to be completed in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this :)


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