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Disclaimer: I have no insider knowledge on the future of DC films, this is all merely speculation and fan theory!

For starters, we have a general idea of who Aquaman is? You know, the orange-ish scaled shirt, trident, green pants? Alright, cool. Now, the cinematic version will most likely be much, much different from that guy! Sure, similar backstory. Same name (evidently) but the tone will be profoundly different from that of our classic aquatic hero. Check out Jason Momoa below, who will be wielding the trident in future DC films.

Image released last year of Momoa in costume!
Image released last year of Momoa in costume!

An interesting fact is that Momoa actually has the triangular shaped tattoos on his left forearm, so I really like how the team who designed his costume used it as an advantage. As a tattooed guy writing this article, it's always cool to see little things like that!

As soon as my friends and I learned of Jason Momoa's casting as Aquaman, we all unanimously agreed: BAD ASS! Although short-lived, his character on the first season of Game of Thrones was undeniably awesome looking, barely saying anything, just leading his people through presence. But his appearance and action was character enough. Now I don't really see that being the case with this character necessarily, although a similar sort of screen presence is to be expected. If you're interested in getting an idea of Momoa's acting chops, I definitely suggest viewing Sundance Tv's The Red Road. Although I am pretty certain it has been cancelled just after the second season, Momoa led a stellar cast alongside Martin Henderson. It is on Netflix!

With a rumored minor appearance in this year's Batman vs Superman we are very close to possibly getting our first onscreen live action appearance of Aquaman! This is very exciting news, especially because the universe Warner Bros. has the rights to will be so tightly connected. We may also get a glimpse at Ezra Miller's Flash as well.

With a grittier take on the character, I'm sure we can expect an edgier superhero universe altogether. So far in the concept art below, there are six members, but as we all know the Seven must Unite!

2017 Justice League Concept Art
2017 Justice League Concept Art

Are you excited to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman in his own solo film in 2018?! Let us know in the comments below!


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