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Ezra saves some space whales!

The episode starts off with the group looking for the location of a facility that is holding special fuel that could power the entire Phoenix group through an entire cycle.

While on their way to this facility Ezra begins to hear a call coming from space. The sound is coming from a group of space whales that are giving off this call. They happen to be going in the same direction as them and Hera becomes very cautious of them because she doesn't trust them. When they get to the facility they are met by opposition from what looks like the workers there and it turns out they are the ones that are keeping the whales from leaving.

The mission, instead of being just blow up everything, now becomes saving the whales so they can be free and no longer contained. Ezra takes charge as he has the plan to save them while both Kanon and Sabine have his back to get the fuel and save the whales at the same time. Once again Rebels is really improving on the interaction of the group especially when they are on a mission like this one. The interactions and dynamics they have keep it very exciting and gives everything they're doing a sense of fun to it.

If I were honest with myself, this would be the first episode of this season that I didn't care all that much for. I don't know if it was just the plot or the episode or that is focused so much on Ezra without really developing him. It felt like he was just the person telling us the message of the day and didn't really do much else. The best episodes are when he is heavily interacting with Kanon whether it be with new training or learning more about each others pasts.

Its a decent episode with nothing really memorable in it. I am hoping and having a feeling that the episode to follow will be more interesting but we will have to wait a whole other week to see it.



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