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I would just like to say, I have watched every season of Dance Moms and would consider myself something of a super fan. I've watched and re-watched this show; particularly the early seasons when Cathy was at her best and there was always drama with Maddie and Chloe. While I love all the moms and their daughters for different reasons, my two favorites, Christi and Kelly, have been long gone for what seems like forever. Now, Cathy is also gone since they moved to the West Coast, so the show has been missing some notable spark and entertainment.

Enter Ashlee Allen and her cute and extremely talented daughter, Brynn. Brynn has excellent technique and performance quality for her age and is nearly as good as Maddie; the only thing she lacks at this point is the maturity in her performance that Maddie picked up in the past couple of years doing more professional work. I can absolutely see Brynn reaching that level very quickly within a couple years, maybe less. In short, Brynn is very talented and fun to watch because she is fresh and new and seems to have a lot of spunk and determination to succeed.

As much as I like Brynn, I'm afraid her mother is currently stealing the show. Not since Christi left the series have I been able to enjoy a mom as blunt and truthful as Ashlee is. Christi was over-the-top sarcastic and was the master of tongue in cheek; Ashlee doesn't have Christi's flashy delivery, but if you really stop to listen to what she says in her almost monotone critiques of her new team mates, there are some real gems.

In particular, Ashlee seems adept at pushing Jill's buttons. I love Jill because she's almost entirely delusional about Kendall's dance ability and talent, which I will not get into because I don't want to bash someone half my age. Jill is funny to watch because she doesn't live in reality, and seems convinced that Kendall will one day achieve Maddie's fame and success; nor does she realize how hilariously out of touch she is; the reason I love Ashlee is because she dishes out a heavy dose of that same reality that Jill refuses to live in. Ashlee has no problem telling Jill that her daughter's duet with Kendall lost because Kendall wasn't up to par and looked "like she had lost her passion", or telling the camera that Kendall can't do "dark" and she apparently can't do the"pretty girl" either. She riles up the other moms too, saying Brynn's dance was more difficult than Maddie's, telling Jess her daughter Jojo is the worst on the team, or saying Jill is crazy because she's going through menopause.

In short, Ashlee is kind of mean, but what she says is so true (or could be true) that she becomes the funniest and best addition to the show since Kelly, Christi, and Cathy left. She's bringing the show back to what it was; a series about a bunch of zany moms who are over the top frenetic about their daughters; the difference is, her child has a ton of potential (unlike some) and she exposes the weaknesses in the other moms in a way only Cathy could do with regards to Jill. She's a riot and quickly becoming my favorite mom on the show for her honesty and willingness to continue to stir a pot that was starting to get old and rotten, but now has new life since she added to it.


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