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I just need to tell you about my favorite tv shows. I just have to because I love them so much and I think you should know.

So first of all there is Supergirl. Supergirl is that kind of series that somewhat represents the feminist movement going on right know. And I just love that. The title says it all. I mean with all the action going on and there is always someone to be fought against, it just has this powerful message of strong women like Cat Grant from CatCo Worldwide Media, Alex Danvers as a DEO agent or Supergirl herself not only being a hero by just being Supergirl, but also by being a strong, loving and kind person all at once.

Next on the list: Nashville. I went to the Grand Ole Opry last year and it was just amazing to see all those places where Juliette Barnes, Rayna James or Deacon Clayborne sing their incredible songs. I mean, guys just listen to the soundtrack and you'll know what I'm talking about. Even if you don't like the show. Just listen to the music. It's worth a try, believe me. The songs just perfectly express what is going on in the characters lives on the show. And for all the people being curious about what is going on backstage and behind the scenes in the music industry, this is just the perfect tv show. 'Nuff said.

And now some guilty pleasures.... I used to watch The Vampire Diaries.... I know don't judge. I just fell for the action and of course you probably guessed it - the romance. But since Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert left the show I ain't gonna watch it anymore. It's just not the same without her. But the show lead me to The Originals, which I'm still watching. It has the same kind of structure as Supergirl with one enemy being defeated the next one is coming up. But it also has the historic touch to it. I love the flashbacks to the Mikaelson family's history. There is always something new coming up. I also went to the French Quarter last year and it was so much fun to imagine those scenes in the mysterious flair of New Orleans.

For a more serious approach I'm also watching Suits. Because I LOVE the dresses the main female characters are wearing in this show. It's like watching a fashion show while pretending to watch something super intellectual about law suits and subpoenas. There were some lows in season 3 where I stopped watching, but I started watching it again last December and it got so good, because

Mike Ross got arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud. Oh oh. And we already know who sold Mike out.

To be continued....

Last but not least, I recently discovered Jane The Virgin. When I first saw the pilot somewhat last year, I was like "What the heck is this show about?". So she is a virgin and got pregnant and soon she won't be a virgin anymore and the tv show is over. But I gave it another try last month and I can say: Everyone deserves a second chance! The show is not just about a virgin getting pregnant, it is also about strong women (getting my mindset already?) who are working hard to pursue their dreams. And it kind of has a second plot about a crime and a drug boss. But hey I'm still in season 1 so who knows what happens (I know everyone who watched season 2 already knows, but don't you dare tell me).

Let me know, what your favorite tv shows and guilty pleasures are.

But hey if you're looking for a new tv show that is similar to the one that just got cancelled by the ignorant networks not caring about the fans' feelings (believe me I'm with you) there is this website called TasteKid which proposes similar tv shows to the one you searched for. Give it a try. Maybe it helps you to get out of the misery that loosing beloved imaginary friends from a beloved tv show may cause.


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