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Warning: Minor SPOILERS for The Flash episode "Welcome To Earth-2" lie below. Proceed at your own discretion.

Yes, I do realize that the majority of the most recent episode of The Flash took place on Earth-2, and yes, I do recall that Jay specifically said something to the effect of "They'll look like people you know. But they're not." But one of the Easter eggs from Earth-2 threw me for an absolute loop. Remember when Wells, Cisco, and Barry enter Wells' office in Earth-2's STAR Labs? A news report is playing, and we hear the reporter say...

“A reminder that a city-wide curfew has been issued. No unauthorized person is to be out after 9pm. A recent increase in Zoom attacks has led Mayor Snart to extend the curfew…”

Did you catch that Mayor's last name? Three guesses says I know Earth-2's Central City mayor's first name, and it's not Lisa or Lewis. Meaning, the mayor of Earth-2's Central City is more than likely...


That's right, none other than Earth-1's Captain Cold himself, Leonard Snart! If Earth-2 Leonard is indeed a responsible and upstanding member of society (or at least clever enough to fool an entire city into thinking he is), what bearing might that have on the Snart we know and love here on Earth-1? Does his being elected as mayor of Central City on Earth-2 hint that his Earth-1 doppelgänger might eventually give in to those "latent heroic tendencies"? I mean, honestly, we know Snart's cruel and calculating, and it's why we love him, but his occasional streak of goodness prompts us to wonder if all that bravado is just a front for the lonely, hurting, (and even frightened) little boy who never got over the abuse he and his sister suffered as children.

See, even he agrees!
See, even he agrees!

That begs the question, will Snart recant his evil ways and become a force for good on DC's Legends of Tomorrow? Short answer: probably not. But that's okay, because he'll still be the loveable rogue that we have inexplicably come to adore. After all, the man himself said it best...

What do you guys think? Will Snart renounce his criminal past once and for all on Legends of Tomorrow?


Do you want to see "good guy" Leonard Snart on LoT?


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