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If you’re single on Valentine’s Day and don’t have plans to go out, you’re probably going to end up on the couch with some Netflix, sans chill. Before you start reminiscing about your ex or wishing for a love to come your way, make sure you keep these movies out of your queue.

1. 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

This heart-wrenching romantic film is the worst nightmare of any recently separated person. This story follows a couple that voluntarily erases their memories of each other to avoid the anguish of a break up. Throughout the film, you see flashbacks of their happy and sad times as the main character, played by Jim Carrey, realizes he does not want to forget and tries desperately to cling to any memory of their relationship midway through the procedure.

2. '500 Days of Summer'

This raw and realistic depiction of a relationship tells the story of a hopeless romantic who falls hard for a carefree beauty. She never quite loves him the way that he loves her and eventually they split. The knife in the heart is when he creates multiple scenarios in which they get back together and (spoilers) it never happens.

3. 'Titanic'

No one wants to be alone and crying on the couch on Valentine’s Day. For the love of God, just please, don’t.

4. 'Moulin Rouge'

This love story will leave you in utter depression. Christian, a romantic, yet penniless writer, falls in love with the top performer of the Moulin Rouge named Satine. She’s bound by her ambition and duty to her troupe to entice the Duke to invest in the Moulin Rouge by making him fall in love with her, but alas, she has fallen in love with the poor writer. A sweet enough story so far, but when Satine learns that she is terminally ill, she must convince Christian that she is no longer in love with him in order to save the Moulin Rouge.

5. 'The Break Up'

Watching this while in a relationship is rough enough. Reliving the worst case scenarios of a break up is just about as difficult as it can get, especially if you’ve recently gone through one. Sure, it’s supposed to be a comedy, but real relationship issues arise that are all too relatable.

6. 'Shakespeare in Love'

This fictional story set during the Renaissance period tells the tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers involving Shakespeare and a cross-dressing actress named Viola will definitely ruin your mascara. Though they are deeply in love, the two can never be together. Ultimately, their relationship inspires him to write his classic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

7. 'The War of the Roses'

A bitter divorce goes south real fast. A couple starts out in love, but eventually, their relationship erodes. When the couple starts fighting for assets, all hell breaks loose and they both start to lose their minds! Low-blows like pretending to kill the family dog and attempted murder situations might remind you of your own unamicable split.

You know, now that I've got this list up, why don't you just call a friend and make plans to go out instead?


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