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Like Elizabeth Shaw's escape spacecraft at the end of Prometheus, Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant can't get off the ground soon enough.

Previous announcements confirmed that Michael Fassbender will be returning as the enigmatic android David, while a new female lead role will be filled by Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

Now, the sci-fi prequel trilogy to the Alien franchise is looking for more talent. According to The Wrap, Danny McBride, best known for his HBO show Eastbound & Down, is in talks to join Alien: Covenant.

The story will follow a new crew on the colony ship Covenant, who land on a remote, idyllic planet that turns out to be a nightmarish hellscape. Its only resident is David, who's "survived" the failed Prometheus expedition.

Based on the plot and some earlier reports, Noomi Rapace will not be back to reprise her role as Elizabeth Shaw. For the new actors like McBride, however, Alien: Covenant is a great opportunity to stretch their acting chops well beyond this galaxy.

(Source: The Wrap)


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