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It's almost here! The Flash and Supergirl crossover we've all been waiting for! And we're attempting to get any behind-the-scenes footage we can possibly get our greedy little hands on.

Let's just say patience isn't my strong suit.

It looks as if Grant Gustin of The Flash knows just how mad with excitement we're getting, as he's dropped a few little treats on his Instagram and Twitter.

It's like he really, really gets us.

Those two emblems look pretty good together... @melissabenoist

Oh yes, they do indeed.

Hey Flash producers... I've already got a fancier chair on Supergirl than I've got on Flash. Just saying...

The first hint at a possible crossover was in Tuesday's episode of The Flash, in which Barry briefly catches a glimpse of Kara flying during a moment of universal collision.

You can catch Gustin as Barry on March 28 in an episode of Supergirl, called “World's Finest," on The CW.

We can only imagine. But don't worry, Gustin. It will totally be worth it.

[Source: The Wrap]


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