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We've been waiting on edge for confirmation, and now we finally have it!

Everyone's favorite man for Rory is coming back to Stars Hollow (hopefully to sweep her off her feet)! Milo Ventimiglia will be returning as Jess in the new Gilmore Girls reboot currently being filmed for Netflix! Beyond Luke, Rory, and Lorelai, Jess was probably the most anticipated to return, and fans have been waiting with baited breath.

The actor posted a photo of him with the Gilmore Girls script, proving he is back to work, and making us feel like it was only yesterday Rory and Jess said what we had thought was their final goodbye. Praise the heavens it wasn't!

Jess was Rory's fan-favorite boyfriend, and fans were devastated when he left Stars Hollow after Rory couldn't reciprocate his feelings (even though she did). Jess returned years later, when Rory was in college, as a published author, and there was a semi-want-to-be closure to their relationship. Fans, however, weren't pleased.

This is particularly exciting news because Amy Sherman, the creator, has said that this revival is going to be used to have all of the things happen that she would have had happen, had she been involved in the final season of Gilmore Girls. The revival will air as four separate films on Netflix, spanning over a year's time and one season.

So THIS will be back on my TV again...

Which has me like...

Stars Hollow feels like home again now that Jess is coming back, and I am more excited than ever for this revival! SO who's next? Melissa McCarthy? One can dream!

Are you excited to see Jess come back to 'Gilmore Girls' and reunite with Rory?


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