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Spoilers Ahead for those not up to date with the've been warned.

Supernatural has been a roller coaster for me since the beginning, not only in emotion and excitement, but in a fight to keep my interest as the quality has gone up and down. At this point, I'm still up to date with the show because I'm two thirds intrigued to see how it ends, and one third too loyal to stop watching.

In my intrigue, it's still been interesting to see what the CW can come up with for the series. Between the hunt for Azazel, the battle with Lucifer, the fight against the Mark, and now the survival in the Darkness, Supernatural has been hanging by its fingertips and has not let go yet, of itself or of you. So after hurting my brain, trying to think of what other monsters the Winchesters could possibly hunt, I'm left with one thing to ponder...who's going to die this season? Here are my three top candidates for who could bite it, and another friendly reminder of spoilers.

1. Castiel

Castiel has literally been to Hell and back (multiple times) in this series. Just when we think he's dead for good, he makes a miraculous return. He's been killed in just about every way, but what he's going through currently is what could essentially be his final downfall.

He's been possessed by Lucifer himself. In an effort to escape from the cage, Lucifer was able to convince Castiel that he was the only one powerful enough to take on the Darkness, thus persuading Cas to allow him a ride out of Hell.

The combination of their power creates a whole new monster on top of the Darkness to fight, and that could either help or harm the season by giving it the Spider-Man 3 treatment of too many villains. Obviously it won't be easy to beat them, and this could even drag itself out to be a major theme in the twelfth season, but if the writers are determined to beat him here and now, that could mean that destroying Lucifer will also destroy Castiel, once and for all.

Constant Supernatural viewers know that the series has hinted at the themes for following seasons multiple times, so it's not totally unthinkable that "Cas-ifer" could be the next big monster, but I'm hoping that they break that cycle. Unfortunately, that could mean the end of Castiel.

2. Crowley

Speaking of characters who just won't die forever, the self-proclaimed King of Hell is just asking for it more and more every episode. It was personally disappointing for me that they didn't just finish him off in the ninth season. Sam had finished two of the three tasks on the Demon tablet to close the gates of Hell forever, and curing Crowley was his final challenge.

Of course, Dean came to Sam's rescue in the final moments, pleading to his brother that completing the tasks would kill him, but would the writers have let Sam stay dead and Crowley walk away? I doubt it. The reason that I think this could finally be the end for this salesman is that when Lucifer lost the apocalypse fight and was sent back to the cage, did Crowley try to free him? No. Instead he took over. Lucifer has already expressed his dislike for the demon, and if his eternal grudge against humanity and God is any indication, he won't let Crowley walk away when all is said and done.

3. Jody and Claire

The guest stars returned for the series' latest episode in an effort to keep the faces familiar, and to get us to all have that, "Oh, yeah! They're still alive!" moment. For how long though? If we've learned anything from previous seasons, it's that Sam and Dean are really the only safe ones in the series.

After Bobby, Kevin, and their own father all eventually bit the dust, it's hard to believe that Jody and Claire will last much longer. Though they're still around to try and remind the boys that they have more than each other to rely on, they've lost everyone else that they've ever considered close to them. Jody and Claire are basically the last remaining characters outside of the pivotal four to remain, and so they tied for my third choice.

Supernatural airs every Wednesday on the CW, and is already halfway through the season this year. I'm of the mind that there will only be a few more seasons of the series, and it'll be depressing to let it go. Where do you want the series to go before its exit? Leave a comment and share your opinion!


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