ByEthan Holland, writer at
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Is a great ending to a game of legacy with a great story lively hood and gameplay. The story line is newly used diverse great with different ways to play it. The gameplay engine remains amazing as always. The story does have some flaws even though ascetically I live the little pictures with the voices overs ; most people might not and prefer the cutscenes even though later on anime and voice overs with big interactive fight scenes come in not to be mistaken the voice overs aren't that great and do lag over. The online is OK it's like any other fighting games multiplayer not much I can say about since the connection issues have to do with the other console or your console. As always the naruto games remain beautiful with the graphics looking great and the voiceactors and choice of script. During the sasuke story line I almost cry every time itachi says."I will always love you".

My Rating for this game "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4" is an 8.25/10 with the downfalls being the animation for the voice overs which bothers me so much the way the game HUD is set up and the looks haven't gotten any better than the old games.


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