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Perhaps you have watched Arrow. Arrow is a show about Oliver Queen and how he and his friends strive to save Star City. The TV show is very popular. What isn't popular is one of the characters, Laurel Lance. Why is Black Canary so disliked by fans? I have a theory.

In season one, Laurel Lance wasn't an ADA. She wasn't Black Canary. She was simply Oliver Queen's ex-girlfriend, the girl he cheated on with her own sister. That being said, I believe she was much more liked as a character in season one. What changed?

I have always loved her as a character. That being said, I have noticed the way Katie Cassidy's lines have been constructed has changed over time. In season one, they were more likely to be full of sass and wittiness. Let's have a look at a sample of her scenes in season one shall we?

Now these particular scenes were actually compiled because they were the action scenes Katie Cassidy's character Laurel was a part of. That being said, you can still see the witticisms that Laurel has a tendency to say even while in trouble. She is also quick thinking enough to see that the badge wasn't that of a lieutenant.

Laurel's character at her core has changed since season one. The plot has tried to explain this away with Sarah's death, Laurel's alcoholism, her becoming Black Canary etcetera. However, what I think has happened is that the writers have seen the reaction of fans to Laurel and they have made it so she is no longer as integral to the show. Felicity has been making the witty comebacks lately, and they have thereby robbed Laurel of hers. Now don't mistake my criticism for unhappiness with Felicity's character. I love Felicity as much as the next gal. Considering her fanbase, that is substantial. That being said, one thing that in my opinion should not have been done is lessening the impact of Laurel's character in Arrow.

When you rob Laurel Lance's character of her witticisms, you are also taking away part of what is fun about the Green Arrow and Black Canary in the comics. Laurel's character has, for the most part, been given smaller, less influential lines. For the most part, she is action sequence back-up. While her season one character was very good at that, it was by no means the only part of her character. When writing, it is important to construct multi-faceted characters. That is what we had in Laurel in season one. That is what we have in Thea Queen and Felicity now. However, robbing a character of the ability to tackle real-life situations isn't the best way to deal with the negativity of a fan-base towards the character.

Most especially because witty comebacks is where Katie Cassidy's talent truly lies. For example, here's one of her scenes being the demon in Supernatural.

As the demon Ruby in Supernatural, Katie Cassidy's lines were generally snappy. As a character, Ruby was integral to the show. She was so important in fact, that when they couldn't have Katie Cassidy as the demon anymore, they had to switch to a different actress.

This means, of course, that Katie Cassidy is capable of bringing depth to a character. The question becomes, then, why haven't they given her the chance to do that in Arrow?

Another interesting question is why haven't fans brought attention to this particular problem before? Is it simply because they see all the negativity towards Laurel's character and automatically think:

Image courtesy of CW
Image courtesy of CW

Whatever it is, I think the first step to the rehabilitation of Laurel Lance's character is giving her some better lines. More sass would be preferable. She is strong, independent and manages to take down plenty of criminals in the show. Currently, the way her character is being treated doesn't evoke the feeling of a friend being included in decisions among friends. That is what SHOULD be felt since that is how Oliver Queen and his friends decide anything. It is a mystery why Laurel has taken a backseat. And you know what?

Image courtesy of CW
Image courtesy of CW


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