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What's up nerds? With Colossus in the Deadpool movie, we figured we would feature this week's post on Marvel's man of steel himself. So sit back and educate yourself on one of the X-Men's fan favorites.

Watch Steve give you the history of Colossus in the video above. If you're not the video viewing type, check out the blogged out version below.

From Farmer to X-Man

Making his first appearance in Giant Size X-Men #1 in May of 1975, Piotr "Peter" Rasputin was asked to join the X-Men alongside teammates Ororo Monroe (Storm,) Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler,) John Proudstar (Thunderbird,) and Wolverine. Professor Xavier traveled to Peter's family farm in Siberia to seek out Colossus.

Originally Colossus first became aware of his powers when he jumped in front of a runaway tractor in order to save his sister. This was later expanded upon in 2008's X-Men Origins: Colossus. In Colossus' own origin story, we see Colossus transform his skin into organic steel after hearing the death of his brother Mikhail. This story arc still ends with the tractor incident and results in Colossus joining the 2nd generation of X-Men.

Colossus was initially recruited to help save the original X-Men team from the living island of Krakoa. After a successful rescue, Colossus remained with the X-Men, forming close friendships with Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine.

Organic Steel

Colossus is an alpha level mutant with the ability to transform the tissue of his entire body (ahem, ladies) into a steel like substance at will. In his armored state, Colossus possesses extensive super human strength. It is said he can lift more than 100 tons, making him able to uproot trees, crush vehicles and even lift the X-Men's blackbird. His punches have hurt such characters as Abomination and The Hulk!

When transformed, Colossus is invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. he can withstand extreme temperatures from almost absolute zero to 9,000+ degrees Fahrenheit (That's 4,982 degrees Celsius for you non-American folks.) Colossus is also resistant to ballistic penetration, large explosions, extreme trauma and falls from great heights, making him one of the most powerful superheroes around.

Colossus' Heart of Steel

Colossus shares a mutual attraction to fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde. Although close friends for a very long time, they never became officially romantically involved until 2004's Astonishing X-Men.

Colossus also shares a close bond with his youngest sister Illyana (she later becomes the X-Man, Magik.) Illyana's life was taken by the mutant plague known as the legacy virus. After much research, Beast claimed to find a cure for the epidemic, but at a cost. The mutant injected with the cure would die, causing the cure to then go airborne afterward. While he was alone, Colossus snuck away and sacrificed himself to rid the planet of the legacy virus.

But don't worry! It was later revealed that Colossus' body was revived by an alien named Ord and that the body the X-Men had buried was a mere duplicate (y'know..... comics...)

Over the years Colossus has proven himself to be a solid member of the X-Men, always helping them out when they get stuck between a rock and a hard place (too many puns?)

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