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Stefanie Lestari

Deadpool will hit the US theaters this Friday and it has opened in some countries this Wednesday. The movie itself is well-received by the critics and has been predicted to dominate the box office this weekend. According to some sources, Deadpool is tracking to open to at least $65 million over the weekend, with some estimating the movie will open to $70 million.

The Deadpool movie writing duo, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese has already been working on a follow-up script, which has been greenlighted by Fox, the studio behind Deadpool. The director, Tim Miller has not signed for the sequel, but Fox has already insisted to keep the same line up of creative team for the sequel.

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Deadpool a.k.a Wade Wilson made his first live action appearance on the much panned X-Men Origins Wolverine as a member of Wolverine's team. He was seen without his signature costume on that movie. The Deadpool movie is a part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe and it has been intended as a spin off of the XMCU. With the release of Deadpool, I hope that in the near future there will be more R-rated comic book superhero movies.


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