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August 11, 2014, will forever be remembered as one of the most heartbreaking days in recent history. As the news filtered out around the world, millions gathered in mourning the passing of one of the true acting greats. It was with shock and utter disbelief that we read about the passing of one of our childhood heroes, Robin Williams.

Robin Williams left behind a legacy of incredible acting displays, both comedic and dramatic.

In 1993 he gifted the world with one of his best and most beloved performances in Mrs. Doutbfire. Williams stole the show playing the hilarious cross dressing father, who has to go undercover as an English nanny to see his children. As with all Robin Williams films, we laughed and cried as we watched a film that would endure through the ages, with a timeless performance from the Oscar winning actor.

Now, 23 years later, previously unseen deleted footage has emerged online, prompting major feels and further tributes from fans around the world.

The cast of Mrs. Doubtfire
The cast of Mrs. Doubtfire

The scenes serve as a reminder to how close Mrs. Doubtfire came to being more of a drama than comedy. In the first of the two poignant scenes, we see Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) arriving late to watch daughter Lydia (Lisa Jakub) partake in a spelling competition. After finding that he hasn't been saved a seat by ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field) the pair of divorcees get into a public row, ultimately distracting Lydia, causing her to misspell her word.

Courtesy of MatthewKeysLive & 20thC Fox
Courtesy of MatthewKeysLive & 20thC Fox

The scene is a glimpse into the real life struggles of the workings of a divorced family, and many have echoed the realistic portrayal online. However, what most affected me was the dialogue in the following scene.

As we know, the actor tragically took his own life after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and battling depression. There's something truly heartbreaking listening to the conversation between Williams and his onscreen daughter, as they speak about how you can't merely act happy to be happy.

We'd be acting... You can't act 24 hours a day... I'm not that good an actor, today proved that.
Acting, it's nice. But it's a job.

Thinking of the sheer amount of joy that Robin Williams provided for people around the world, it's devastating to learn of the battle that was raging on inside of himself.

The many faces of Robin Williams
The many faces of Robin Williams

The latter scene is a more emotional one, and shows the true turmoil and strain that a divorce can have on a family. After being ousted as Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams and his ex-wife get into a heated argument as their children listen upstairs.

As the row escalates, the three children make their way downstairs to witness both parents battling over their love. In truly heartbreaking fashion, the children are the ones who break up the fight, telling the competing parents that they hate them causing both to feel a shade of guilt and embarrassment.

The footage has since been viewed nearly half a million times, with many commenting on visceral realness of the scene. One comment reads "Very powerful and very real. 'Divorced' families go through this and a lot worse. Doesn't fit in with blockbuster films...fits in with real life. Thanks for sharing this." while another lamented the loss of Robin Williams, "Amazing scenes! I'm sorry they were deleted. I miss Robin William."

In the early 2000s, there was plans to produce a sequel to family film, but both Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus knew that the original deserved a sequel that had the perfect plot. Speaking to EW in 2015, Columbus revealed that 20 years after the original, the duo eventually found a direction that they felt would be deserving of a sequel.


Unfortunately, the untimely death of Robin Williams put a stop to any further developments to a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.

We said for years that we would never do it. Then somebody came up with a really interesting idea, and we agreed to develop a script.
That was the last time I saw Robin, sadly, when we were talking about the sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Rightly so, Columbus confirmed that a sequel would definitely not be happening.

It still doesn't feel real that Robin Williams is no longer among us. Thankfully, we can still watch all of his greatest films, immersing ourselves in his timeless performances and comedic genius. In some ways, it feels like he'll live forever. There's a beauty in that.


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