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You've all had exactly 12 hours to watch the newly release sneak peak of No Way Out, the first four minutes of the episode!

If you've been too busy celebrating the Broncos' Superbowl win or the Harry Potter book #8 announcement, well then here it is:

While I, personally, have trouble watching a dude who looks a little too much like Larry of Larry, my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl fame...

the guy on the right!
the guy on the right!

...telling someone with the size of Abraham, the sassiness of Sasha, and the badass redneckedness of Daryl what to do. But, he does have some backup, and those guys look a little more tough than the Darryls.

The part that really got me, though, was this little bunghole who pushed Daryl:

And then took him to the back of the truck.

The push was the Saviors' first mistake, and letting one guy (ONE guy!) take Daryl back behind the tanker, out of sight of everyone, was the second, and the last mistake Mr. Pushy McSavior will ever make.

In the comics, some of Rick's group ends up killing a bunch of Saviors, and leaves one alive to go back and tell Negan to go f f himf in the f. Then, Negan comes back and plays baseball with Glenn's head.

I'm 110% convinced that this 4 minute scene is the scene that leads into the THAT scene in the comics, where our guys absolutely slaughter the Stuff & Thing Stealing Saviors.

Here's how it's gonna go down:

Daryl and Pushy are behind the truck.
Daryl kills Pushy in the face.
No sound is made to alert the other Saviors, because one cannot speak when a knife is in their esophagus.
Lead Savior goes all yada yada yack yack with Ginger and Sasha, not knowing that Daryl has just pulled out the rocket launcher, and is army-crawling on the top of the tanker, getting ready to blow the bad stuff stealing guys into the pavement.

In fact, Sinus Splitting Savior is pointing both guns at Sasha and Abraham here:

He's looking to his left-ish. And here:

His eyes shift an awful lot to the right. Sasha and Abraham are far enough away from him that he shouldn't have to look THAT far when shifting his focus from one to another.

I think he just caught sight of something else...maybe a pissed off redneck with a rocket launcher? Coming around the other side of the truck, instead of the top of it?

Thing is, I doubt a rocket launcher is gonna leave any savior survivors. may lead the way to Daryl taking Glenn's place....moohahahahaaaa....


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