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There is one question that has been on everyone's minds since the teaser at the end of The Walking Dead mid-season finale: Who is Negan? Comic book readers already know Negan as the most vicious villain Rick and his crew have ever faced. Now in the second half of season 6, which premieres this Sunday, TV viewers will finally meet the man comic book fans have been waiting to see since Rick and the gang arrived in Alexandria last season.

The official Walking Dead Twitter account posted the first four minutes of the upcoming mid-season premiere titled, “No Way Out.” The clip starts off exactly where the teaser started when it aired last year. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are on their way back to Alexandria, but are stopped by a few men posted by their bikes and letting them know that their “property belongs to Negan.” The clip resumes with both groups exchanging words until Abraham asks the question fans also have been asking as well as well: “Who is Negan?” After that, the conversation starts to turn ugly between the two crews.

Comic book fans will recognize the bikers as the Saviors, the crew who serve Negan. Expect to see the Saviors a lot more when the season progresses. Their presence on the popular series will create a dangerous atmosphere which Rick and his crew will have to deal with. The menacing villain Negan on the TV will be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is known for his appearances in the TV series Supernatural and Zack Snyder’s film Watchmen. Many comic book fans may remember Rick and his gang meeting Negan and his Saviors crew in Washington D.C., as well as witnessing a major character's death during the encounter.

Series stars Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) are teasing that the second half of season 6 “turns very dark” and the clip below shows how much darker this series can get. The biggest question for the rest of the season is if the TV series Negan will inflict as much pain on Rick's crew as he does in the comic books? It’s very doubtful that the series will copy the comic page for page, but things always get bloody on The Walking Dead, so expect more brutal deaths and violence for the next eight episodes.

Watch the 4 minute preview down below:

The Walking Dead returns February 14th on AMC

Source: The Walking Dead AMC Twitter


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