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Heroes on NBC was an outstanding show that ended way too soon. It was about so much more then just a bunch of different people who get superpowers and try to save the world. It had a lot more to show and say than that. There are a few things that I learned and even was reminded of from watching this show.

1. You don't have to have superpowers or special abilities to be a hero.

In the two episodes 'The Eclipse Part 1' and 'The Eclipse- Part 2,' the heroes and villains lose their powers for a time due to the fact there is another Eclipse that occurs. These episodes reveal how some relied on their powers too much and others were real heros with or without powers.

These episodes showed that you don't have to have powers or special talents to be a hero and do the right thing. You can be an average, normal person but have the heart of a hero, or you can be a very well known and talented person but have a very bad heart or have bad things in your heart. What is in your heart and mind before you are given abilities to carry those things out shows how much of a hero you really are or are not.

2. There isn't any person on Earth that is too far away from doing a bad/wrong thing.

The episode of Heroes called 'Villains,' is a big flashback episode. It gives answers to a lot of questions that rose up throughout the previous seasons. Many about how certain people met, why some characters became so evil, what the present heroes like in the past, and how certain situations really transpired between characters.

Every person has made bad decisions, as well as some good ones. Everyone has a good side and a bad side. Every day is a battle, not just because bad things happen but because we battle to be better. The littlest things can push a person toward a very dark and bad place, or they can change a person for the sake/cause of what is good. It's in a moment of decision that everyone has the opportunity handed to them to do what is wrong. In those moments, the right and wrong things are clearer then ever, and what you choose says who you are on the inside and what path you'll be headed down.

So, a hero isn't a hero because of how many good decisions he or she's made, and a villain isn't a villain because he or she's done bad things or made bad decisions. A hero is a hero and a villain is a villain because of who they decide to be in the time they are given, and because of what they decide to do with their time. It's all about the heart and choices made.

3. You can meet a complete stranger that becomes a very important person in your life or your work that you're called to do.

In 'How to Stop an Exploding Man,' all of the heroes meet for the first time to save each other and all of New York from the disaster that Isaac had painted.

Some of these characters have met before this great occurrence, but none of them were ever all together as in the end of this episode. It was a really exciting and relieving moment to see.

I was reminded then that you never know who or how many people you might meet on your journey in life, that in some kind of way, you are connected to who plays a big part in your calling/work. It's really beautiful the way your life can align and lives intertwine in perfect order.


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