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So tonight was a pretty big episode, albeit not the best we've seen from Team Arrow this season. We saw alliances break down while other ones were built. So let's get into it.

Nyssa > Felicity

First things first let's talk about Nyssa. Nyssa Al Ghul is probably one of my favorite characters on this show, and we don't see nearly enough of her. Hopefully after the events of this episode that will change and we'll get more of this great character.

Nyssa > Felicity
Nyssa > Felicity

Miracle Cure

We pick up this episode where we left off last time. Nyssa has a miracle cure for Thea, but she will only give it to Oliver under the condition he kill Malcolm Merlyn. Well this is a problem for precious Olly. He doesn't kill, in true DC fashion. In true Oliver fashion his wheels begin turning and he comes up with a plan. We will get Malcolm to give up being the head of the demon, and give it up to Nyssa in exchange for the lotus. This plan proves costly as Oliver fails to accurately perceive Malcolm's brutality and hunger for power.

After getting Nyssa to agree to the terms the summit between Oliver, Nyssa, and Malcolm commenced. Malcolm brought his league goons with him, and kicked off a League of Assassin's civil war with Team Arrow in the middle.

I loved this.

In fact just before it happened I said to myself, "A League civil war storyline would be really cool." Lo and behold it happened. I again prove myself a prophet. This led to some great although confusing action between Nyssa's faction, and Malcolm's. It was confusing because League members wear the exact same uniform. I mean the situation must have split the league down the middle; those who side with Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, and those who follow Malcolm, a man who benefitted from the death of Ra's.

Nice Punchy Shooty

The action on this show has been more fast paced lately. It feels less choreographed , maybe it's just me. Eventually this civil war spilled out into the street, and we had an interesting street fight between Team Nyssa (with an assist from Team Arrow) and Team Malcolm. The clash ended in Malcolm's forces retreating and Nyssa being tranquilized like a sexy horse by Diggle. (I will bet you one infinity that you have never seen those words in that order before.)


So Nyssa is now in a cage in Team Arrow's lair where Laurel,again, tries to plead with her to give up the lotus so they can save Thea's life. Thea is Nyssa's sister in law due to her being married to Oliver back when Oliver was under cover in the League of Assassins. That was convoluted but true.

Nyssa was just as stubborn as Malcolm. Neither would give any ground while Thea's life hung in the balance. This gave me an interesting insight into the minds and personalities of these two characters. I mean how could one reason with either of these characters? Human life means very little to the League of Assassins, especially when the bigger picture looms so large.

So Oliver does what Oliver does and comes up with another nifty little plan. This time it's for Malcolm to challenge Nyssa to a trial by combat, which was held on a downtown rooftop. Seriously, who the fuck hosts a trial by combat on a rooftop surrounded by buildings with windows? How do they not have a HUGE audience and or cops all over the building? I can only imagine the reaction of an old lady who lives in some rent controlled apartment nearby looking out the window.

Hey kids, Mayoral candidate Oliver Queen is fighting ninja’s on a roof across the street”
Hey kids, Mayoral candidate Oliver Queen is fighting ninja’s on a roof across the street”

So this is where Oliver’s plan comes to fruition. As Nyssa’s husband he would fight as Nyssa’s proxies. That way everything would be in his control, and neither one would have to die. It did irk me a little bit just how easily Oliver was able to beat Malcolm.

Malcolm gave Oliver such a hard time in season 1 and now, he was done within a few minutes. In fact he didn’t even stand a chance. Instead of killing him, Oliver sliced his hand off and handed Nyssa the ring, declaring Nyssa the new head of the demon. He in return received the lotus.

Oliver liked it so he put a ring on it
Oliver liked it so he put a ring on it

...And Meg

So let's talk about Felicity's daddy issues, I mean side plot. Felicity spent the episode palling around with her dad, aka The Calculator. Wow, what a waste of a villain. He spends last episode dicking around with an internet nuke only to spend this episode having daddy/daughter time with Felicity, who proceeds to have him arrested after finding out that Mr internet nuke isn't such a good guy after all. We also got to listen to Felicity bitch about how he left her, and how she thought she wasn't good enough yada yada yada. You're not a 14 year old goth anymore Felicity. Knock it off. And the flashbacks? Well, fuck the flashbacks.

Alright back to the stuff that doesn't eat a buffet of dicks. With Oliver defeating Malcolm, and naming Nyssa the head of the demon, we had two more pretty solid surprises.

Number one was Nyssa summoning Laurel, Oliver and Malcolm to her headquarters in order to tell them all that she has dissolved the League of Assassins and released all her soldiers,. There will be no more League or head of the demon,. I assume no more Lazarus Pit either. This has huge repercussions going forward and I'm really excited to see how they play out in the larger universe. I'd also love to see Nyssa on The Flash. I digress.

The second big surprise was a meeting between Malcolm and Damien Darhk, where Malcolm reveals to Darhk that Oliver has a son named William that Darhk might want to take a crack at.

Not Bad

So over all the episode was pretty good, albeit a little shaky at times. It had some decent action and some great surprises, so let's hope we get some great stuff out of Arrow in the coming weeks. I'm sure I missed something, so if you guys caught anything you want to mention or discuss ,let us know in the comments. We'll see you guys next week.


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