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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Purge 3: Election Year trailer has hit and boy, if you thought the social satire of the first two movies was pungent, you ain't seen nothing yet. In these heated times of political debate, The Purge 3 boldly takes aim at Election Year, even setting a release date of July 4. Heads will roll...

Let's take a closer look at the coolest bits in The Purge 3: Election Year trailer you may have missed in a standard viewing.

The warnings are in...

For the next 12 hours, all crime — including murder — is legal. What would YOU do?

The American Dream is crumbling

From the wonky 'welcome' sign, the trailer proceeds to destroy everything America holds dear: the sanctity of family, religion, and social order is all dragged through the mud... which makes a great movie!

Blood on the floor

A voice trembling with excitement says:

"We played a lot of Purge games this evening. We have just one more. It's called Mommy's Choice. Which one of you will survive this year's Purge?"

Only excited loony seems at all happy about this game.

... which is not surprising, really.

We get a white-out fade to suggest a flashback: this lady was the one who survived that dreadful incident (potential twist, who knows what she had to do in order to survive)?

She is senator Charlie Roan, who survived that terrible Purge night and is now campaigning for Purge reform:

"The soul of our country IS at stake. The Purge targets the poor and the innocent."

Guess who else is back?

Yup, it's Frank Grillo a.k.a Sergeant from The Purge 2: Anarchy. He has been assigned the task of protecting Senator Roan during Purge night:

Sergeant: "You take a lot of risks, Senator."

Roan: "I have to, I was the only one in my family to survive. What made you apply for this position?"

Sergeant: "I almost did something on Purge night a few years back. I want this night to end."

We're Just Ordinary People

Workers in a store exchange worried feelings about the Purge and their hopes for Charlie Roan's reforms:

"The senator's going to win and she's gonna make real changes too."

Note: the cheeky little 'Smile! You're on camera' sign — a nice little nod to the movie's use of CCTV.

Men in suits

A bunch of assholes in the safety of walled government buildings clearly have some form of financial interest in keeping the poor down and the Purge alive. They therefore hate anti-Purge senator Roan. One says:

"It's time to do something about that senato.r"

"It is a night that is defining our country."

Sergeant: I want men in all these rooms, we got eyes and ears on everything.

Sadly, he's not the only one. The trailer rapid-fire reveals to us a whole bunch of depraved Purge-loving lunatics you wouldn't want to run into after dark...

This Pig-Faced Psycho

A bunch of thugs in a Fight Club

This evil-ass Undertaker-looking WWE freak

Dead Presidents

The Shank-you of Liberty

This 'Five Nights at Freddy's' scumbag who'll yiff you silly

Noob Saibot?

Society's ills, anthropomorphized

Club Hippie Lynch Mob

These Good Time Gals

A keen troupe of amateur executioners

Religious fucknuts fond of ritualized slaughter

'The Purge 3: Election Year' hits July 4. God Bless America.


Do you think you would secretly enjoy 'Purge Night'?

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