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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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You guys. I'm super stoked to share this exclusive footage from Blumhouse Tilt's newest venture The Darkness with you. The horror powerhouse that brought The Purge, Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister into our lives is teaming up with Wolf Creek director Greg McLean to create The Darkness, a dark horror tale about an autistic kid unleashing something that should have been left in Native American history...

Check out the trailer for The Darkness (if you can handle tension)!

Who hasn't shared a creepy story or two?

"Hey Mikey, did you know that the Indians who used to live around here thought this place was haunted?"
"Legend says that the guardians of their spirit world lived in the rocks and the trees and that one day, they're going to come back into our world."

Ancient artwork and unsettling symbols

There are plenty of redsploitation horror movies — like the rather excellent Savaged and Bone Tomahawk — but it's cool to see the Native American mythology explored in greater depth in The Darkness.

Kevin Bacon and his adorable little mini-me son!

Fan-favorite Kevin Bacon gets back to his roots with horror, 36 years after his appearance in the first Friday the 13th — very apt, as The Darkness is released in May... on Friday 13th. Young David Mazouz is excellent as his autistic son, Mikey, providing an unusual prism through which the audience views the movie's supernatural events.

It's getting in-tents...

Mikey stole a rock from the haunted Native American grounds and now he's kinda obsessed with it, not even letting superdad Kevin Bacon touch it. We see Michael sitting in a play tent in a nice nod to the scene with Kyra in The Sixth Sense.

A sister knows...

Vampire Academy's Lucy Fry plays Mikey's concerned sister, saying:

"We never talk about him, we never talk about how he affects all of us, he's getting creepier and creepier."

Radha Mitchell!

Radha Mitchell is a horror veteran with a host of horrors under her belt (Silent Hill, The Crazies, Evidence) as well as more highbrow fare. Casting big-hitters like Mitchell and Kevin Bacon is typical of the smart casting decisions from Blumhouse, who secured Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke for The Purge and Sinister.

Soon, fires start burning...

... and little Mikey is at the heart of something dark.

Seriously, how freaked out would you be if your kid had scrawled all of this over the bathroom?

In the company of wolves

Kevin Bacon makes lupine frenemies in a deserted treehouse.

The Anzahi Indians

As the family grows increasingly worried about Mikey's weird behavior, we delve deeper into Native American folklore, particularly the superstitions of the real life tribe the Anazasi.

Desperate times...

To quote Pazuzu:

"What an excellent day for an exorcism!"

The trailer rounds off in signature skin-peeling Blumhouse tension, making the movie's tagline 'God Can't Help You Now' seem rather appropriate...

'The Darkness' is released Friday May 13.

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