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The League of Assassins came back to the forefront of things in this week's episode of Arrow, 'Sins of the Father'.

Whether or not that's a good thing probably hinges on how interested you are in the mechanics of the League itself but, as the ancient proverb goes, you can never go wrong with a bit of Malcolm Merlyn.

Oliver took the decision to side with Nyssa in her battle for control of the League, feeding into this episode's big theme: the fact that Dads are good for precisely nothing. Nyssa doesn't want to duel Malcolm. She simply wants him dead. Oliver's solution is to give her the ring, but Malcolm was never going to give that up easily.

Ultimately, the ring is attained by chopping off Malcolm's hand. It's a smart solution which keeps our friendly neighborhood R'as al Ghul alive. When Nyssa receives the ring, she destroys it, putting the League of Assassins to bed. With that, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

So, not the strongest of episodes, nor the most Easter Egg-filled, but let's take a look at the references that were thrown in for eagle-eyed viewers this week.

1. Homage to Greg Rucka

Did you catch the street sign 7th & Rucka? That's a subtle homage to Batman comics writer Greg Rucka, the man responsible for creating the character of Nyssa al Ghul. Nice job, Arrow.

2. Reflections of Oliver

In many ways Malcolm Merlyn can be viewed as a dark interpretation of Oliver, or of what Oliver could be. It's pretty well known that, in later life, Oliver Queen loses his arm – something we'll see soon for ourselves when he cameos in Legends of Tomorrow.

Which makes it fitting that Malcolm should lose his arm, just as Oliver does in The Dark Knight Returns comic. These two men truly have more in common than either would care to admit.

3. Recycling the sins of the father

Arrow is not the first DC show to use the title 'Sins of the Father'. One memorable edition of The New Batman Adventures used the same, as did an episode of The Flash (original '90s run).

4. Yes, that's a spherical floating electronic bomb device

In DC Comics, Mr. Terrific's trademark accessory is the T-sphere. They're pretty much exactly what you'd imagine, hovering in the vicinity of Mr. T, creating holograms, linking up with computer systems, exploding as bombs when required... all that jazz.

So don't pretend you didn't have a little nerdgasm when Felicity confirmed the potential of the T-spheres in this week's episode. This weapon alone is enough to justify Curtis Holt's (so far underwhelming) presence in Season 4.

Did you catch any other Easter Eggs in 'Sins of the Father'? Check out the promo for episode 14, 'Code of Silence', which airs next Wednesday on The CW.


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