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Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the couple that everyone would not so secretly love to see together, right? Ever since the pair wowed audiences as Jack and Rose in Titanic, they've enjoyed a doting friendship.

In an interview with Deadline, Leo confirmed that it was this special bond that encouraged him to take the lead role in James Cameron's epic. He said:

"Titanic was very much an experiment for Kate Winslet and I. We’d done all of these independent movies. I loved her as an actress and she said, 'Let’s do this together, we can do this.' We did it, and it became something that we could’ve never foreseen."

'I Knew There Would Be Expectations'

And indeed, it would've been difficult to predict the movie would go on to gross an eye watering $2 billion at the box office, the highest grossing film ever until Cameron's Avatar surpassed it in 2009.

The aftermath changed both of their lives forever, and Leo was keen to not get caught in the whirlwind of fame and adulation. He added:

"We never predicted that it would be what it was, and I said, 'Okay, slow down. Let all this pass a little bit, and let’s get back to… find something that… I knew it was going to be an adjustment.

"I knew there was an expectation of me to do a certain thing at that point, and I knew I had to get back to what my intentions were from the onset.'"
Leo and Kate in Revolutionary Road
Leo and Kate in Revolutionary Road

'Closest Friend In The World'

His relationship with Winslet has been consistent throughout the years that have passed. As well as starring in 2008's Revolutionary Road together, away from the screen the pair still share a close relationship.

Winslet even referred to Leo as her 'closest friend in the world,' and they shared an embrace at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year.

Even after almost two decades, they still look great together!

Leo and Kate in 1997 and 2016
Leo and Kate in 1997 and 2016

Are Leo and Kate the best Hollywood couple that never were?

Source: Deadline


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