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With the release of Deadpool only hours away (eek!), Ryan Reynolds has been working the late night chat show circuit, and during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has revealed how he gave one die-hard fan that best get-well gift of all time.

19-year-old Deadpool fan Mariah Boyle recently had her wisdom teeth extracted, something which I'm sure a lot of us can cringe in sympathy at. Because of the severity of the extraction, Mariah was given some intense pain meds and on the way home began crying when, in her state of confusion, she thought that she had missed the release of Deadpool. Mariah's mom, Rita, while sympathetic to her disoriented daughter, obviously thought the moment was pretty funny and filmed the whole thing, later posting it to Ryan Reynolds's Facebook page. Take a look:

Mariah Boyle after getting her wisdom teeth out. #ryanreynolds #deadpool

Posted by Rita MillerBoyle on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

With hundreds of fans posting on Reynolds's Facebook page every day, the odds of the man himself seeing the video seemed slim, but then lo and behold, he actually responded:

Source: Facebook/Ryan Reynolds
Source: Facebook/Ryan Reynolds

Is that not the most Ryan Reynolds's response of all time?

So with the so-called "power of the Internet," Reynolds sent Mariah and her brother to New York to attend the Deadpool premiere in what must be one of the coolest gestures of all time.

Source: Facebook/Mariah Boyle
Source: Facebook/Mariah Boyle

However speaking on The Tonight Show Reynolds played it cool mentioning how great it was to have the power to make Fox make cool stuff like this happen for fans, saying "with the touch of a button, I can force Fox to pay for something extravagant!"

Source: Facebook/Mariah Boyle
Source: Facebook/Mariah Boyle

Watch Reynolds explain the whole thing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below:

'Deadpool' will be released on February 12th, will you be in line to watch it?



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