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If you're desperate to Ryan Reynolds get nude or whip his chimichanga out on screen, fear not, my friends, because his wang totally makes a cameo appearance in Deadpool.

When asked by BuzzFeed Brews about the full-frontal fighting sequence, Reynolds spilled that it involved "basically a lot of me" and self-deprecatingly described his penis as a "small haiku written in braille."

Reynolds added that the nude fight scene was a tribute to Viggo Mortensen's blood-drenched, cock-crammed fight in Eastern Promises. So if you simply can't wait any schlonger (sorry), here's the inspiration to tide you over:

Interestingly, Deadpool will be joining a long line of in-the-buff fight scenes that range from utterly repellant to bloody and raw, and I've shared a few of the most epic below.

Don't know about you guys, but I imagine Deadpool's feisty phallus scene to be a cross between Borat and Bronson.

See also:

Bronson's Buff Battle

Tom Hardy knows that the best way to fight is to get dirty, naked, and slippery. Yes plz.

Borat's Bush Meets Bloated Beast

You know those stories about teenagers making out and getting entangled in each other's dental braces? How that sort of thing didn't happen to these two, what with the amount of body hair, I do not know...

School Ties

Oh look, it's nude Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser fighting in the shower. Bet you never thought you'd see that one, did ya?

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