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Whether you're spending Valentine's Day celebrating single life, with a new beau or long term love, many of us will be spending the holiday curled up on the couch watching a good movie. And, more often than not, the theme will be romance.

However, don't always be fooled by that romantic tag line. The below 10 films may be about love, but their narratives are far from feel-good.

Here's what not to watch this Valentine's Day:

1. 'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

It's a stunning story of deep, passionate love followed quickly by deep, passionate despair. Blue Is the Warmest Color is an amazing and intense love story but it will make you curl up in a ball and cry like a baby. That is not a good look.

2. 'Fatal Attraction'

Infidelity isn't really a topic anyone wants to drag up on V day, but can you imagine if your significant other cheated on you, stuck your kid's bunny in a saucepan, boiled it and then tried to stab you to death? Nightmare situation.

3. 'Blue Valentine'

They are so beautiful and so in love and so goddamn cute! And then shit hits the fan, it's very real and oh my good lord are you scared to ever feel that much pain.

4. 'Boys Don't Cry'

No matter how tender and real your love is, bigots will be bigots and the results can be life shattering. This film is utterly amazing but will leave you feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach. Not so ideal for Valentine's Day, really.

5. 'The Break Up'

Hey, date, you know when I ask you to not do that annoying thing and you do it anyway? Well, we could end up like these guys. In fact, we probably will, so let's just give up now.

The Break Up is way too real and will magnify all those flaws you're happily brushing under the carpet. Skip it.

6. 'Amour'

Love the person you're spending Valentine's Day with? Think you'll spend forever together? How about watching their personality evaporate before you're eyes? Yeah, that'll really get you in the mood to celebrate.

7. 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl'

Alexander Skarsgård may be super sexy but watching him have an affair with his girlfriend's teenage daughter will make any sexy feelings nopetopus the fuck out of your date, pronto.

8. '50 Shades of Grey'

Absolute no-go on a first date and will probably make you want to avoid anything sexy in a long term relationship, too. So that's a bit crap. Unless you wanna kill that buzz of course, then by all means go ahead.

9. 'Never Let Me Go'

Aw, isn't fate a wonderful thing? They were so meant to be, and they were, until they found out they were doomed anyway. Way to burst that feel-good bubble.

10. 'Valentine's Day'

Prime stinky cheddar cheese. Just save yourself the cringe and watch literally anything else.

What are you planning to watch this Valentine's Day?


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