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When your down for some serious Netflix and chill time with your boo, selecting the perfect movie is an art form. It can't be too gripping, gross or hilarious, but has to also have something to get you in the mood.

Whether it's gently pushing you together through the unifying power of boredom, being so predictable you can pause it at any time, or setting the room on fire with a sizzling sex scene, the list below is a pretty safe bet to make sure your chill time isn't compromised.

Playing It Safe

'Pride and Prejudice' (2005)

Pausable Credentials: We all already know that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get married and live happily ever after. Wham, Bam, the end. Besides that, the frustratingly strict moral and social code of the 1800s is bound to have you getting itchy fingers if you get my drift...

When To Stop: When a passionate Darcy tracks the sarcastic and brilliant Elizabeth down to ardently confess his affections after Lady Catherine's dinner... Maybe before the epic fight, but whatever floats your boat.

'Notting Hill' (1999)

Pausable Credentials: Don't get me wrong, Notting Hill is a pretty good rom-com, but there's nothing groundbreaking here and you'll probably be watching it for the nostalgia more than anything else.

When To Stop: Get that first love scene out of the way and hit pause before you see Spike answering the door in his grubby tighty whities.

'50 First Dates' (2004)

Pausable Credentials: I mean, they go on a date 50 frickin' times. There's not really much to miss.

When To Stop: Before Adam Sandler's face starts killing the mood.

Chilling On The Edge

'Sex and Lucia' (2001)

Pausable Credentials: A non-linear storyline and some pretty steamy erotic scenes make this a pretty racy pausable candidate and, it's in Spanish so the non-bilingual among us can just leave it playing without having to worry about any jarring phrases. Get in.

When To Stop: Take your pick!

'Quills' (2000)

Pausable Credentials: It's super kinky until people start having their body parts torturously hacked off in a rat infested dungeon. All the better reason to stop it while it's hawt.

When To Stop: For Pete's sake, hit that pause button before that necrophiliac dream... Don't say I didn't warn you.

'Blue Is the Warmest Color' (2013)

Pausable Credentials: French people and sex scenes are hot, but you'll be forced to slam the stop button before love's young dream withers like a succulent in the oven.

When To Stop: Before you start weeping like a child and wondering whether it's possible for love to be real... Basically before Emma and Adèle move in together and it all starts going up shit creek.

Going Left-field

'A Trip To The Moon' (1902)

Pausable credentials: You'll look very sophisticated if you whip this movie milestone out and it's only 15 mins long so you won't even have to pause. Bonus.

When To Stop: Don't even bother.

'The Blue Planet' (2001)

Pausable credentials: It's not a movie, but exploring the majesty of the big blue is a pretty chilled out affair and you know what they say able idle hands. Plus, because it's not on land, there is no chance of a tiny baby rabbit being torn limb-from-limb and selfishly spoiling the mood. Hurrah!

When To Stop: There's an episode where a baby whale gets relentlessly devoured, maybe avoid that one.

'Sharknado' (2013)

Pausable credentials: The fact that there is a video on Youtube entitled 'Sharknado in 2 minutes' that is just as entertaining as the entire movie is pretty telling.

When To Stop: Whenever you get bored of surrealist shark deaths.

What's your ultimate Netflix and Chill movie?


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