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Ash Williams has been regarded as one of the best horror characters in the genre's history, so it's perhaps no surprise the spin-off of the Evil Dead franchise, Ash vs. Evil Dead, has received critical acclaim.

Following the first season's success, Lee Majors and Ted Raimi will be joining in the zombie bashing fun for the renewed second season of the horror/comedy. They'll star alongside Bruce Campbell in the leading role.

A Family Affair

Majors, who played the iconic role of Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man in the '70s, will be playing Ash's father, Brock Williams. Ted Raimi will play Ash's childhood friend, Chet Kaminski.

Lee Majors and Ted Raimi
Lee Majors and Ted Raimi

The show, which premieres on the Starz network, has now become a Raimi family venture — Ted will join up with his brothers, Sam and Ivan, on the project, who will both help produce.

Although no date has yet been announced for Season 2, it'll be hitting the small screen at some point this year.

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