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Although the Alien franchise briefly flirted with the prospect of Neill Blomkamp taking the reigns, original director Ridley Scott is back for Alien: Covenant, the follow up to 2012's Prometheus.

Filming is set to begin in April, and the latest inline to star in the movie is a surprising choice. The man in question, Danny McBride, is best known for comedy roles, such as the TV series Eastbound & Down and movies Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder.

Prometheus'a Sole Survivor

However, this could be an ingenious appointment. According to The Wrap, talks are still at an early stage, but McBride is clearly a talented actor, and the role would be a challenging deviation for the 39-year-old.

Prometheus (2012)
Prometheus (2012)

Pre-production is well underway, with a release date set for October 6, 2017. Michael Fassbender will reprise his role of David, a synthetic (a.k.a. robotic human) who is the sole inhabitant of a dangerous world and survivor of the Prometheus expedition.

Origins Of The Xenomorph

Katherine Waterston, who has recently starred in Inherent Vice (2014) and Steve Jobs (2015) is also lined up in a leading role as 'Daniels'.

Waterston in Inherent Vice
Waterston in Inherent Vice

The plot will revolve around the colony ship, Covenant, and the crew on board who discover David's world. It will also delve into the origins of Xenomorphs, discovering how and why they came to be, and will feature some iconic Aliens, including the face-hugger and chest-burster.

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