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Dolls are, by all intents and purposes, supposed to be a child's companion. They are supposed to be friendly, humanoid figures who bring joy to households all over the world.

But they aren't. They're actually really creepy. Combine the thousand metre dead stare, misshapen plastic eyelashes and disjointed limbs and you have a truly unintentionally horrific creation.

Well, imagine working in a factory where thousands are produced. The below archaic, black and white photographs from a doll factory in the 1950's will send chills down your spine, and make you want to avoid Toys 'R' Us like the plague. Enjoy:

1. Hands Up!

2. Eye Fancy A Trim

3. Quite A Few Legs To Stand On

4. Crushing Disappointment

'Hi Clive, how was work today'?

'I don't want to talk about it.'

5. Clowning Around

Those with a phobia of clowns and dolls may never recover from this image.

6. I Didn't See That Coming

7. When You See It...

OMG! Is that... Is that a really authentic doll? Or a levitating head? Either way it doesn't sit well with me.

Do you suffer from pediophobia (the fear of dolls)?

Source: Mashable


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