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(Warning – the following contains potential SPOILERS, largely in the form of a trailer, for next week's episode of DC and the CW's The Flash - as well as for this past week's episode. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

OK, so let's talk about Earth-2 for a minute.

Now, I think we can probably all agree that Earth-1 is great and all – and that the adventures we've seen there up to this point have been thoroughly entertaining – but seriously, how good was Earth-2?

This past week's episode of The Flash, after all, didn't just feature the usual Arrowverse awesomeness... it did it with bonus doppelgängers, villainous heroes and general alternate reality weirdness. And the best part?

Next Week's Episode of 'The Flash' Is Going To Show Us Even More Of Earth-2

Specifically, it seems we're going to get to see a whole lot of...

Earth-2 Barry Being Kind Of A Putz

Zoom Being All Dastardly And Such

Cisco Advocating The Use Of The Word Lair

Killer Frost Clearly Being Ridiculously Fun For Danielle Panabaker To Play

And, of course, that most vitally important element of any alternate-reality adventure...

One Hell Of An Unusual Team-Up

With bonus wingtips.

Now all we have to do is wait patiently until we actually get to see the full episode next Tuesday (February 16). Or, y'know, impatiently. That's fine too...

What do you think?


What are you most excited to see more of on Earth-2?

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