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After being unceremoniously dragged off stage last year, Madonna has had yet another hilarious wardrobe malfunction that should probably persuade her to dump capes, cloaks, veils, and other floaty garments for all eternity.

Revenge of the veil
Revenge of the veil

While singing 'Material Girl,' some of the material hanging of Madonna's body decided to take revenge and attempted to drag the Queen of Pop off her feet by her head.

Luckily Madonna recovered, but unfortunately she looked like a drunk trying to shuffle off a bar stool with a net curtain on her head in the process. Check out what I mean in the video below:

I don't know why Beyoncé is getting so much praise for that feeble little hop she did at the Super Bowl when Madonna has pulled this feat off. Someone give this woman a medal!

Admit it, did you laugh?

(Source: Mirror)


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