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In case it had somehow slipped your mind, The Walking Dead returns to screens on Sunday evening with what will be a massive mid-season premiere.

However, in order to make sure that you are properly prepped for the episode, and don't go into it unsure of which character is where, I thought it would only be appropriate to give a recap of each group's whereabouts. Check it out to make sure you're as ready as you're ever going to be for what has been called a "gargantuan" mid-season premiere.

Rick and co.

When the mid-season finale closed we were left with all our fingers and toes crossed on behalf of Rick and his gang as they attempted to walk through the herd while covered in walker guts in order to reach safety. Along with Rick, this group includes Carl (with Judith), Michonne, Father Gabriel, Jessie, Sam, and Ron. Unfortunately, Deanna is battling walkers back inside the house, after being bitten when the tower initially fell on the wall.


After escaping from the walkers by cleverly hiding underneath a dumpster (for FOUR episodes), Glenn met up with young Enid and the two eventually headed back to Alexandria. When the mid-season finale ended, the pair were still outside the walls of the town, and could see the residents in grave danger, including Glenn's wife Maggie.


Maggie was extremely close to the action when the tower initially fell, opening the town up to the herd. She was lucky enough to escape danger by scrambling on top of a lookout platform, though she's not out of harm's way just yet, with the platform looking especially rickety.

Daryl and co.

It would be pretty hard to forget where these three are, but when the mid-season finale finished we were lucky enough to get a prologue scene involving Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham meeting Negan's men. I'm not going to lie, things looked pretty dire for these three when we last saw them, and I'm intrigued to see what happens to the trio next.


Poor Dr. Denise was just getting her confidence up when that pesky old Wolf had to go and kidnap her. When the season ended, the pair were somewhere outside in the safe-zone, so we can only hope that they (or at least Denise) manage to stay safe.

Rosita and co.

Denise and the Wolf left behind Rosita, Tara, Eugene, Morgan, and a currently unconscious Carol, Hopefully Carol and Morgan can work past their differences and begin to help out the rest of Alexandria.

Aaron and co.

While we saw all the other groups in the mid-season finale, there were a lot of notable Alexandrians missing. By my count Tobin, Olivia, Heath, Aaron, Eric, and Spencer are all unaccounted for. Hopefully they're all tucked inside safely, waiting for word to go out and lend a hand in the madness of the herd. They could also be lying, torn apart somewhere, but hey! Let's not dwell on that.

'The Walking Dead' returns to screens on February 14th, but check out the first four minutes of the episode below:


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