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All eyes seem to be on Outsiders right now, the WGN TV series that's set in the hills of modern day Appalachia. Since the show first launched, we have been getting to know the trials and tribulations of the Farrell family with each episode and it seems we can't get enough.

And now that the fourth episode of the first season has dropped, fans couldn't be more excited. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

If you're not yet up to date though, here are three reasons why you'd better get watching what is potentially one of the best shows around:

1. If you like 'Son's Of Anarchy,' you'll love this

It's also got a pinch of chaos and madness about it, just like Mad Max.

2. A fascinating family dynamic

The Farrells, a rural clan that has lived by its own brutal code in the mountains for the past 200 years, are the stuff of living legend and undoubtedly make for interesting characterization.

3. Small Guy vs. Big Guy

Major conflicts arise when a mining company wants to evict the Farrells. As expected, things don't go to plan, forcing the local sheriff to make the observation, "you do not want to mess with these people!" Everyone loves a good small guy versus the big corporation story, so why wouldn't you?

What do you think about the show?


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