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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Seriously now, 2016 is truly looking like a killer year for Nintendo, what with the NX's shadow looming over our wallets, Pokémon's 20th anniversary (many happy returns!) and a friggin' all new Zelda game to sink our teeth teeth into.

Link to the Future
Link to the Future

But before all of these goodies begin to hit the ground running, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have decided to blow the minds of Pokéfans across the globe by revealing an all new Pokémon. And you are gonna dig it.

A New Challenger Approaches

The new 'mon in question is Magiana and was revealed by Japanese magazine Coro Coro, the go to place for fresh Poké related news.

Enter Magiana!
Enter Magiana!

Serebii got translating Coro Coro's info and discovered that Magiana is described as a 500 year-old "man-made" Pokémon, because Mewtwo was such a rousing success, and is set to have a huge role in the incoming new Pokémon movie Volcanion and the Ingenious Magiana, in which Volcanion is chasing the new Pokémon because "only he knows its secret".

Here's the movie's synopsis:

As Ash and his friends continue their journey, Volcanion drops down from the sky in front of them. Volcanion's object is to recover Magiana, who has been abducted by the "Azoth Kingdom", a city of super-machinery. However, Volcanion and Ash have become linked together by a strange chain. Will the two of them manage to work together and save Magiana?

Whether Magiana will be appearing in any of The Pokémon Company's customary giveaway events remains to be seen, but after reports of its data not being included in current Pokémon releases, it may be fair to assume there's an even newer Pokémon game on the horizon. And that could be the fabled Pokémon Z that's been floating around for some time now.

Anyways, rejoice Pokéfans! There's a new pocket monster for you to covet! And that's exciting enough, right?

What do you think of the new 'mon?

(Source: Serebii)


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