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Likes: Vibranium Frisbee, Batwing and Crossguard Lightsaber. Dislikes: Future Sentinels, Kryptonite and Jar Jar Binks

"Hey yeah, I wanna shoot baby!" I just can't get that song out of my mind. Its like its etched into my mind. This movie is just that good. It was action-packed, funny, gritty, bloody and yet really heartwarming. The jokes was amazing. It touched all the Ryan Reynolds things that happen in the past. You know the Wolverine Origins and Green Lantern plus they also jabs 20th Century Fox and the 'emo teen girl' cliche. It was smart and really fun.The movie starts being funny as soon as the movie started so be sure to come early to the cinema. The 4th wall breaking was amazing, it totally bring some kind of new air of freshness. I know we've seen 4th wall breaking before but one in a superhero movie? Its priceless!

All the actors did a great job. Ryan Reynolds was amazing. All the others too. I always imagine Deadpool being like this in the movie and I got it which was amazing. The villain was compelling enough so I can say this movie is almost perfect. The story was simple but the story telling was fun and very nicely done. Its not the same, conventional origin story like you've seen in other movies. The one thing that bugs me is that sometimes the flashbacks this movie has was a little 'pace killing'. It was fun to watch the action then suddenly we were given a long pause so that we can see more backstory. The backstory is important but it kinda took me out of the movie.

All and all, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was fun and meta. It has amazing performances and characters with great dialogue which made it seem like it can never go wrong. I fully recommend this to all! Be sure to wait until the credits end because there was an end credit scene!


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