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Til now Dragon Ball Super anime series has released 30 episodes. But, recently titles of Dragon Ball Super episodes up to episode 34 got leaked.

And the title of episode 34 mentions ‘Frost vs Piccolo’. If the revealed titles are in-fact accurate then here we have a match confirmation.

From the Dragon Ball Super manga till chapter 8 we know; Team Beerus of universe 7 is facing team champa of universe 6. Universe 7 made a 5 man team with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Buu and Monaka. However, Buu failed in the writing test and got disqualified from the tournament. Till now he hasn’t been replaced. On other hand, universe 6 features Hit, Frost, Cabe, Botamo and Magetta. In chapter 8, the first match between Goku and Botamo started which will be expanded upon on chapter 9.

So, we got 2 match confirmations:

1. Goku vs Botamo

2. Piccolo vs Frost

the first match probably ended with Goku defeating Botamo and then maybe he stepped down and allowed Piccolo to replace him to face Frost. But, what’s interesting here is the pacing. They ended Goku vs Botamo in almost like 1 episode and started Piccolo vs Frost. So, that hints to something. If the tournament is going so fast it means they are trying to get done with the matches because they have some other plans in mind. Maybe the tournament will get interrupted by one of the U6 fighters or by something external. Now, since there 2 universes involved currently. So, if there’s a chaos I am assuming it will be a huge one involving both universe 6 and 7 either directly or indirectly. There’s one more possibility that is they are planning to highlight only 1 or 2 fighters as something special from universe 6. It can be like Hit alone takes out most of universe 7 and then it comes down to Goku. However, the previous story looks more likely to happen. Nonetheless we got hints that Hit will eventually face Goku or work along with Goku or something. Since we have advertisements on Japan featuring only them!

Anyways coming back to Piccolo vs Frost, I don’t see Piccolo winning the match. Frost is the Frieza tier fighter from Universe 6 and he might even be stronger. I made a video on Frost describing all the probabilities. Check the links on description to know more about him. The only way Piccolo could be a legit challenge to him is if Piccolo gets a new transformation or if Piccolo developed a new set of attacks and techniques while preparing for the tournament. I really liked Piccolo vs Frieza on Dragon Ball Z their attacks and counter attacks were very interesting to watch. So, I think this match will be a great one too. To find it out we will have to wait till like 6 th of the next month. Which probably means the next manga chapter will end Goku vs Botamo and also start Piccolo vs Frost so that’s quite fast.

The role of Vegeta here would be interesting. I always thought that he will get Frost. Since, you know like Vegeta deserved to kill Frieza but couldn’t. And he has history with Frieza’s race so it be intense to see him up against Frost. That is off-course possible if Piccolo fails and that is more likely to happen! Among all the excitements we are forgetting about Monaka who is said to be stronger than Goku. But, Beerus said Monaka was stronger than Goku back before Goku went through 3 years of hyperbolic time chamber training. So, we are not sure where they stand currently. Could it be bait? What if beerus falsely claimed Monaka to be the strongest so that Goku and Vegeta push themselves to their limits? This is not likely to happen I am just laying down the probabilities.

I would like to end with stating that we have a bunch of extraordinarily strong characters together. We have the gods of destruction and their superior trainers. Then most of the strongest beings of universe 6 and 7 under one planet at the same time! So, a big clash or the tournament getting interfered could actually be very interesting and entertaining to watch. Even the Z fighters -Tien, Krillen, Yamcha, Roshi and others are around just in case with only Gohan being at earth. So, I would say the upcoming story line has huge potential and every dragon ball fans should follow closely.

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