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I got a chance to see Deadpool the other day, and I must say I was absolutely blown away. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, with the hilariously crude humor, insane action and perfect references! Once I got home I soon realized I had a sudden thirst for more, any of you feel the same? Thankfully they announced a sequel already and I cannot wait! So let's look at who our favorite mercenary could be facing in Deadpool 2!

1. The Punisher

Why he would be good: The Punisher is one of the most brutal men in Marvel's range of villains, but he's not totally a baddie, he's had a very tragic life and has become numb since. His personality is a great contrast to Deadpool, which have seen the pair fight together and work together multiple times.

How possible is him being in the sequel? It's kind of unlikely seeing as The Punisher will be one of the main characters in the Netflix/Marvel TV show, Daredevil, it seems unlikely we'll see him in the movie-verse too. Although studios don't mind having Flash on the silver screen then getting a different actor for film, so you never know!

Who could play him? Jon Hamm

2. Wolverine

Photo credit: Dave Paget
Photo credit: Dave Paget

Why would he be good? Because he's Wolverine. No, but seriously, Wolverine is the person that would excel Deadpool 2 to heights even above the Avengers for fans. They have a long history together where they've worked together and fought even more. They both can regenerate and Deadpool's got a mouth that can really piss Wolverine off.

How possible is him being in the sequel? I don't think it's a million miles away, especially if Deadpool does well. I could see this as being the best route to go down for the franchise to keep up with all the other superhero giants around.

Who should play him? Hugh Jackman

3. Taskmaster

Why he would be good: Deadpool and Taskmaster have fought countless times and he just needs to be in at least one Deadpool movie. He fights with swords (like Wade) and arrows but he uses a shield too! Taskmaster has also trained some great villains, such as: John Walker, Melee and Kyi!

How possible is him being in the sequel? Totally, there should be nothing to stand in the way of using this dude.

Who should play him? His face is like a skull so it's only the physique and cool voice you need, but I would go with Michael C. Hall from Dexter.

4. Venom

Why he would be good? Because Venom is one of the most badass villains out there, and we haven't seen him done right on the big screen. Some might want to save him for Spidey, but Deadpool would be a cool road to go down too. Deadpool and Venom have fought each other (as Mac Gargan) and they've teamed up too (as Flash Gordon). In the comics, the symbiote combined with Deadpool to form Venompool. Imagine seeing that on the big screen?

How possible is him being in the sequel? This is a tough one, the rights for Spiderman's villains are a tough topic, but with enough money involved it could happen.

Who should play him? Aaron Paul.

5. Dr. Emrys Killebrew

Why he would be good? Dr. Killbrew is the man considered responsible for the experiments on Wade Wilson, which turned him into Deadpool. He was reportedly supposed to feature in the movie, but was later cut. I would love to see Deadpool try to find this dude in the sequel, preferably as a side villain as a movie with him as the main villain would be too similar to the current movie out.

How possible is him being in the sequel? It's very viable, there's no reason why he wouldn't be able to feature.

Who should play him? Donald Sutherland.

So that's it guys! There the 5 villains I'd love to see in Deadpool 2, give me your choices and let the hype begin! Give me the actors you would get to play him too!

Deadpool is out now, check out the awesome trailer below if you haven't already!


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