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Joshua Taylor

ZOOM. We've been seeing him all season but we are no closer to discovering the real identity of this murderous speedster. Many different theory's have popped up the most recent Including it being Jay Garricks earth one counterpart Hunter Zoloman but whether any of these are correct we are yet to find out so here's my theory

Earth two Henry Allen: The reasons for this choice are three fold. First is this picture that I was shown a few months ago the build of zoom and Henry are very similar although it could be anyone wearing the suit at the moment.

Second is Henry's behaviour. As soon as he left prison he went away. We only see him a small amount if any in the show now so where has he been? Has he been captured by his earth two doppleganger?

And the third reason is the man in the mask

We have just seen this person being held in zooms prison and call me crazy but doesn't that clothing look like iron heights prisons jumpsuit?

What do you think?

If you disagree or have a different theory please leave a comment between us we will work this out!!!


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