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You've got to feel bad for Xbox One users, despite them having a damn solid console, they've had to go ages without the phenomenon that is Rocket League, whilst PC gamers and PlayStation players got to grips with its idiosyncratic, futuristic car-soccer delights.

But that's all about to change as Rocket League is finally heading to the console in a matter of days. But a matter of days is still some time away, so one genius Forge user has done what genius Forge users usually do and built something amazing in Halo 5's map editor - they built Rocket League, and of course it is glorious.

Forger TurbTastic's map contains two different game modes: small which allows 2-6 players to grab some game time, and big which, you guessed it, throws 8-16 players in at the deep end and gives them 3 balls to chase! That sounds absolutely insane.

And the cars have all been replaced by H5's Ghosts, which should make for pretty spot on play considering the shape of the vehicle allows for the ball to be caressed into the goal, rather than punted.

Here's the map in action:

So if you can't be bothered to wait for whenever Rocket League decides to grace your X1 with its presence, pop Halo 5 in the disc drive and get searching for 'Rocket League by Turb'.

What's your favorite Forge map?

(Source: Forge Channel)


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