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With supernatural horror films dominating 2016, a new storyline will be a refreshing variation. We rarely see successful shark movies, and nothing has come close since the Jaws franchise. 1999's Deep Blue Sea has been the most successful shark movie in recent years, reaching close to $165 million at the box office. Other notable mentions include Open Water (2003) and The Reef (2010), neither of which were satisfying. Despite the odd popularity, Sharknado is not a legitimate shark movie, so we are definitely overdue for a movie featuring the vicious predator.

The Shallows

Filming of The Shallows
Filming of The Shallows

Originally titled In the Deep, filming began in Australia this past October, and has a June 24th release date. The film features a solo Blake Lively, who embarks on a surfing trip in a secluded area to mourn the recent death of her mother. While the full synopsis is not available, it is known that her character somehow becomes stranded on a buoy 20 yards from the shoreline. An aggressive shark circles the water between Blake's character and the shore, leaving her helpless and alone. The only other known character is Carlos, the man who initially drives her to the location, played by Óscar Jaenada. Blake has shared a handful of posts via Instagram, giving us a vague look into this year's epic shark tale.

47 Meters Down

The second shark film to debut in 2016 stars Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember), and Claire Holt (The Originals), and has a tentative September release date. Aside from being filmed in the Dominican Republic, 47 Meters Down is significantly different from The Shallows. While vacationing in Mexico, two sisters become deserted at the bottom of the ocean after their cage breaks free from their boat. Stranded in a broken cage, with limited air supply, the two have to find a way to travel 47 meters up to their boat in shark-ridden waters. 47 Meters Down promises four deadly scenarios in one movie: being trapped 47 meters below water, having a diminishing oxygen supply, potential injuries, and vicious sharks. Taking into account the numerous factors, this movie is sure to be anxiety-inducing.

Based on what we know so far, both movies look promising, with strong female leads and intriguing storylines. Hopefully the upcoming trailers give us something to really look forward to.


Which shark movie are you looking forward to in 2016?


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