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This week, the second trailer for Disney's live action reboot of The Jungle Book hit the web, and it is phenomenal. The new trailer showcases the voices of the characters and a lot more of that familiar plot. It is really looking to become a phenomenal film. Check out the trailer below!

With the movie a couple of months away, there really is no reason to miss it. All of the elements of this film are done perfectly. I will admit that I had my doubts about the movie's success to start, but after seeing this trailer, I am very confident that this movie will be worth seeing.

Here are five things Disney's The Jungle Book reboot has done right so far...

1. The Cast

The Jungle Book is set to bring out some big name actors and actresses for the film, some even from the top tip of the A-list. Some of the biggest names giving their voice to the movie are: Bill Murray (Ghostbusters), who voices Baloo; Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers), who voices Kaa; Ben Kingsley (Schindler's List), who voices Bagheera; Christopher Walken (Batman Returns), who voices King Louie; Idris Elba (Pacific Rim), who voices Shere Khan; and Lupita Nyong'o (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), who voices Raksha.

This is a very talented and experienced cast, and based on what we saw in the latest trailer, they really let their talents show. The trailer showed us the voices of Murray, Johansson, Kingsley, Walken, and Elba in action. The voices perfectly fit the characters and superbly add to the effect of the film.

Not only is the voice cast amazing, but the youngest talent on the team really adds a lot to the film as well. 12 year old Neel Sethi makes his feature length debut in The Jungle Book as Mowgli, and he appears to do very well for such a young actor.

If you ask any actor who has worked alongside CGI characters, it can become very awkward while filming. Whether you are talking to a box with a helmet on it, a man dressed in a full green jumpsuit, or absolutely nothing at all, filming with CGI characters is a very strange and awkward process, especially for an actor with little experience. Sethi, however, appears to do this very well.

2. The Music

Based on the latest trailer, the soundtrack of the film will bring with it a lot of nostalgia. The music from the trailer was laced with the tune of 'The Bare Necessities' from the 1967 masterpiece, in addition to an amazing ensemble of strings. The man in charge of the music, John Debney, is a very experienced musician, having worked on 84 different movies and films over the past 30 years. Doing that many projects can be very time consuming, but when it comes to a movie like this, you really need to have a musician who is consumed by music to make the soundtrack right.

Not only will Debney help with the music, but the reboot is also getting help from a Jungle Book veteran - Richard M. Sherman. For those who don't know, Richard and his older brother Robert B. Sherman, were the incredible writers behind the songs of the original Jungle Book. Even though his brother is now gone, Richard M. Sherman really could not let this opportunity pass and has written new songs for the reboot. Now if that is not Disney magic, I don't know what is.

3. The Impeccable Use of CGI

As we can imagine, all of the animal characters of The Jungle Book are CGI, many of them based on CG actors who would move as the animals. But that's not where the power of the special effects stops. All of the locations in The Jungle Book are computer generated VFX.

For those who don't know what VFX is, it is creating a computer generated world. None of the film was shot on location - it was completely done in a studio and manipulated on a computer. Though this is far from the first film to use VFX, it is one of the few that has used it to generate the setting of the entire film. This is very impressive, time consuming work, and based on the effects in the trailers, it really paid off.

4. The Release Date

The Jungle Book hits U.S. theaters on April 15 of this year, but opens as early as April 7 in countries like Australia and New Zealand. The release date doesn't seem that important at first, until you take into consideration the consequences had they delayed the film a year (which is often done with films using this much CGI and VFX).

In 2017, Warner Bros. releases their live action adaptation of The Jungle Book, all filmed in Andy Serkis's Imaginarium. (Side note: if you don't know about the Imaginarium, it is really worth checking out here.) Had Disney delayed the film, they would be in relative competition with the Warner Bros. reboot of the book, which is never a safe idea. Instead, Disney released their version a year earlier to win the audience over. This is actually a pretty good plan, as we don't know how good the other reboot will be and how much the competition may have hindered the box office sales.

5. Holding onto the secrecy of the film

Though we already have two full trailers for the upcoming reboot, there is still not much that is known about the movie itself. Disney's marketing team really helped preserve the mystery while producing the trailers. The first teaser did not show the extent of the cast or any of the characters talking, except for a voice over from Johansson's Kaa. Instead, they gave us looks at the VFX generated jungles we will witness, and a couple glimpses of the characters.

The second trailer showed a bit more, but still did not give much away. Though it showed the characters, it still used nostalgia to draw viewers closer. The voices were revealed, and there was a bit more action, but we still have not seen much of the true extent of the film. Though we can assume it follows the same plot as before, there is still a lot of secrecy. Clearly Disney did exactly what they did with the marketing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and simply used nostalgia to draw in an audience, while still making the content of the film a surprise.

The Jungle Book is turning out to be a very exciting film that I personally look forward to seeing. The cast, the effects, the music and the secrecy are all leading into this movie becoming a hit. Director Jon Favreau really outdid himself this time.

Catch The Jungle Book in theaters this April. I'll see you there! (Probably at every showing).

Are you excited for The Jungle Book? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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