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When the news of Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival broke a couple of months ago, rumors began to circulate about which of Rory's former sweethearts would return. Last week, it was announced that Matt Czuchry would return as Logan Huntzberger, yesterday we learned that Milo Ventimiglia would reprise his role as Jess Mariano, and today, we now officially know that Jared Padalecki will return as Rory's first love, Dean Forester.

Known both for his incredible height and for being Rory's first love, Dean instantly became a hit as a recurring character during the show's first season, being well-received by fans for his caring and loving attitude towards Rory. He went to the effort to spend time with Rory's mother, Lorelai and her grandparents, Emily and Richard. He even adopted some of the ludacrisly hilarious Gilmore family traditions that only a Gilmore girl would understand. Dean's commitment to Rory and their relationship literally resulted in him becoming part of the family. But throughout the following seasons, fans were at war over both how he was treated by Rory and his actions during their relationship. However, many fans still believe that out of all her boyfriends, Dean was the one who Rory was truly meant to be with, as he kept her grounded and was always there for her, even when they weren't together. In the end, his final apperance made him out to be a vengeful character which didn't really sit well with anybody - so this is the perfect opportunity to give Dean a happier conclusion and remind us why he was a great character in the first place, by making him more like his Season 1 self. So whether you are for Dean or one of Rory's other love interests, there is no denying that nobody treated Rory with the compassion and respect that Dean did it in Season One and I for one, can't wait to see Padalecki return to give Dean's storyline a proper conclusion.

Padalecki has become a regular on television screens and hasn't been out of work since before Gilmore Girls. First appearing in the show's pilot, remaining with it until his final appearance 5 years later. He then joined Supernatural as demon hunter Sam Winchester which is currently on it's 11th Season. Not a bad position to be in, huh? Now, we know that he will be returning to the show that made him a household name.

Netflix's revival of Gilmore Girls will consist of 4 90-minute episodes (mini movies) and will be titled: Gilmore Girls: Seasons with each episode based on one of the four seasons. So expect to see a lot of the Stars Hollow community spirit during many of the town festivals.It will be written by series creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino. Along with Padalecki, David Sutcliffe who played Christopher (Lorelai's ex and Rory's father) will be returning. They will join: Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Scott Patterson (Luke), Keiko Agena (Lane), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Liza Weil (Paris), Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), Matt Czuchry (Logan) and Sean Gunn (Kirk).

As the anticipation for Netflix's Gilmore Girls: Seasons continues to grow, the stakes have now been raised and will leave us wondering who (if any) of Rory's initial three love interests she will end up with.

And speaking of Dean, if anyone ever asks you why you're so obsessed with Gilmore Girls, show them this...


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