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James Wood

Deadpool is this year's Mad Max Fury Road, to me at least. Damn I had an absolutely blast watching this film! It's unashamedly crude, offensive, violent, action packed and hysterical. Spy was the funniest film last year, it's 2016 now and we're only in February and Ryan Reynolds' latest anti-hero adventure is the funniest of the year so far. The entire cinema was in stitches, and at one point I was crying with laughter. This is a perfectly pitched and well executed film.

Ryan Reynolds gives his best performance since Buried as the merc-with-a-mouth, dropping line after line each funnier than the next, you'll be quoting Deadpool for weeks after undoubtedly. Ed Skrein is effortlessly cool as Ajax, a British bad guy who feels no pain, alongside an absolutely badass and sexy Gina Carano. Morena Baccarin is unexpectedly funny and sassy, she plays off against Reynolds so well. T.J. Miller makes the most out of his appearance with some of the most shocking and vulgar insults ever put to film, he proves once again his comedic chops!

Brianna Hildebrand, Karan Soni and Stefan Kapicic as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Dopinder and Colossus, respectively, deliver huge laughs as cohorts to Deadpool. I want to see this film again so badly. The time-hopping narrative never gets dull or distracting, jumping back and forth from Wade Wilson's love life to his recruitment in the deadly mutation programme to him becoming Deadpool is just so exciting and compelling, as well as being extremely funny.

The entirety of the highway chase and battle is breakneck in speed and so damn awesome, it's been in all the trailers and to see it play out in full with all the ultra violence, brutal deaths and epic slow-mo kills is glorious, and the actual opening credits themselves is probably the best ever put to screen, studio shaming madness! I wish I saw this in 3D, this film was made for that added dimension, I want weapons, chaos and bullets flying towards the screen just for that extra added layer of fun, next viewing will be in 3D.

This is the film you don't want to end and I most certainly didn't. The final battle at the crashed heli-carrier seen in Winter Soldier is the best of Deadpool and its style and themes rolled into one epic fight. Superpowers, humour, meta humour and explosions encase the screen and the overwhelming feeling of awe creeps in. I think it will be very hard to top this film, 2016 is already at its high and for the superhero genre, we have fresh blood and the feeling that a new direction for the genre is on the horizon.


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