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Circle is a gripping, independent scifi/horror from writers/directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione that takes a room of people and puts them in a position where they must vote on who is allowed to live - and only one of them can survive.

This movie presses the pedal to the metal in the first few moments before the characters can even discern where they are and what is happening - and it does not relent. The urgency is very palpable and the energy I felt in this movie, though the characters could not move from their spaces, was very intense.

Morals are questioned, prejudices are revealed
Morals are questioned, prejudices are revealed

The writers did a great job at reflecting societal prejudices through the characters and having the characters act on them in such a way that is both gruesome and tactical. Eerily cold rationalizations are debated logically and the social dynamic in the room shifts multiple times throughout the movie, keeping the audience from identifying a "main character" or making assumptions about who will survive.

On the surface, Circle seems like a horror movie. A group of people sentenced to death are forced to play a sadistic game. The twist of it that makes it more science fiction than horror in my opinion is the means by which people decide how to react to their circumstances. This movie is a hidden gem on Netflix and if you don't have something lined up for viewing this evening, I could not recommend this movie enough!

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