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Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan may have swept their much publicized distaste for each other under the silk sheets because the Fifty Shades sub spilled she wants her Christian Grey "fully naked" in Fifty Shades Darker.

While being grilled on Watch What Happens Live, Johnson was asked if she thought it was fair that we saw way more of her body than Jamie's and she saucily answered:

"Hmm, that's an interesting question. I'll probably get in trouble for this question. Yeah, I'm going to get him fully naked in the next one."

Just a little bit lower...
Just a little bit lower...

Leslie Mann and Alison Brie were sharing the sofa with Dakota and they didn't hesitate to give their seal of approval. Brie quickly chimed in:

"Show me some D!"

Before Dakota called for people power to free the peen and said:

"We should start a movement."

Check out the full clip for yourself below:

Would YOU like to see Jamie Dornan's dick?

(Source: US Magazine)


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