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OK Go has become much more than your average rock band. Ever since their 2009 hit music video Here It Goes Again (which you can watch below), they've consistently become the trend setters for modern day music videos. After Rube Goldberg machines in This Too Shall Pass, stunt driving in Needing/Getting, and Japanese personal transporters in I Won't Let You Down, it seemed like the band couldn't possibly top themselves, until today.

Their newest video to the catchy singles Upside Down and Inside Out was filmed aboard a plane that used zero gravity. The band utilizes the plane's cold and sterile white exterior to their advantage, using an explosion of colors with what they're wearing as well as props such a pinatas and balloons filled with paint. Check it out below!

Two female dancers dressed in light blue flight attendants uniforms aid the members in their trek up and down the shuttle as well as getting some screen time themselves, pirouetting in mid-air. Again, the colors of the uniforms provide a brilliant contrast to the white background.

As an additive, OK Go makes sure the song fits their music video with lyrical references such as "gravity's just a habit that you're really sure you can't break", and of course the chorus itself.

The fact that it was seemingly done over a single take will be taken for granted by the average audience, but the skills and preparation that were probably needed cannot go unnoticed. It's fascinating to think of how this kind of practicality can work in possible films. Would it be more cost effective then wire-work or CGI?

All in all, the video is yet another fantastic representation of the band. It utilizes all their common themes of catchy songs, eye-popping colors, and above all else, innovation. Check it out, and please seek out some of their past videos!


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