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Just when you thought you'd made peace with Suicide Squad being the most badass superhero flick of the year, along comes the final Batman vs Superman trailer, and suddenly it's all up in the air again.

The final trailer for Dawn of Justice premiered barely an hour ago, and it teases a movie bigger, darker, grander than anything we'd anticipated. Seriously, this is what the DC Universe needed to take the fight to Marvel. Check it out.

Welcome to the Bruce Wayne Show

Not to be provocative, but is it pointing out the obvious to state that this looks and feels like a Batman movie?

We open with Bruce on a vigilante mission, infiltrating a tower block and taking on a bunch of hoods with a little help from Alfred, whose tech savvy is apparently way beyond the Alfred of Batman movies past.

Bruce cleans up like a boss, but still laments that he's getting "slow in my old age" - cut to Bruce watching Superman do his thing in the sky. Probably some clever editing going on here, as there's no particular reason Superman would be in Gotham or Batman in Metropolis.

With a twirl of his cape, Superman turns the Batmobile into a wreck, but it's Bruce who has the last laugh when he encounters Wonder Woman, in Diana Prince guise, at a glitzy party.

"I don't think you've ever known a woman like me," she purrs. That's a score for the Bat.

The trailer's tantalising final shot shows Superman on the receiving end of an unpleasant surprise, and leaves us with two main takeaways: first, that this movie will be a riot; and second, that this is the Bruce Wayne show. And I'm cool with that.

Even the new teaser poster from the film's official Twitter channel is all about Bruce, finding our caped crusader in the wreckage of Wayne Financial, presumably brooding and muttering words like "revenge".

What do you think? Does the new Batman vs Superman trailer have you stoked, and is Superman playing second fiddle?


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