ByHunter Morby, writer at

From the beginning of the trailer to the very end you can tell this trailer has a very different tone compared to the past couple trailers we have seen released. Everything in this trailer seemed very bland and very out of character for this movie. It looks as if the production group for this movie realized their deadline for the final trailer was coming up and basically pulled an "oh shit" moment and said we have to hurry up and put this out. The opening of this trailer was very light compared to the dark and serious Batman we are used to. Alfred and Bruce make a couple of quips in the beginning and make Bruce look like he's rusty with his moves. After a couple of Batman kicking ass scenes, you hear the same crap from Lex that we have heard in the past two trailers and one tv spot. And while he says his lines it shows a bunch of random scenes from the movie. It just seems very rushed to me, leave your comments below and let me know what you think of this new trailer.


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